What's the most pup-ular dog breed at the Jersey Shore?  I did some research and I've got the top 5. Is your pooch on the list?

I took my Golden Doodle Fozzie Bear to the beach for the first time this past Tuesday when it was amazing out and 83 degrees. I'm proud to say that he's just like his mama, obsessed with the beach!

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There were so many dogs there that day I started to take note of the most popular breeds and I even got nosey enough to ask people, ."what's your favorite dog at the Jersey Shore?"  We came up with the top 5 dog breeds according to YOU.  (The top five most popular breeds in the Garden State are identical to the top five nationwide by the way).  This says to me that Jersey pretty much runs things, just sayin'.

5. English Bulldog:  They are the flipping cutest dogs on the planet (although they have breathing problems and the akc does not recommend breeding them for that reason)
Bulldogs can be white, fallow, brindle, red, fawn or piebald.  I had a red English Bulldog once, RIP Big Sal. On that day alone I saw three bullies!

Photo by Camila Gomez on Unsplash

4. Golden retriever:  An American staple. They are the classic family dog and they LOVE the beach! They run, play, swim and I swear they smile.

Photo by Oveth Martinez on Unsplash

3. German shepherd:  These dogs are great if you like your dog smarter than you.  I swear they are so bright I'm a bit worried they judge me. LOL. No wonder they are a policeman's best friend!

Photo by Louis-Etienne Foy on Unsplash

2.  Goldendoodles:  Or any dog mixed with a poodle! These dogs are so popular now and for good reason. They have hair, not fur so they are hypoallergenic and they don't shed! I have a red one that is 80% poodle and he is awesome. I'm such a proud mama that he made the list!  Goldendoodles make great therapy dogs and they love children.

Shannon Holly's Golden Doodle Fozzie


1. Labrador Retriever:  The Labrador retriever has been the most popular breed in America for the last 28 years and they still hold the number one spot. They are friendly, expressive, sporty and intelligent...which by the way are all the characteristics we want in a guy right?  

Photo by Hector Heredia on Unsplash

See you at the beach...bring your puppy and let's have a doggie playdate!

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