I am about to give you a piece of news that you hopefully already know: the COVID-19 Pandemic is not over just yet.

At this point....far from it actually. I know, I'M SORRY!

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Just as we thought the worst of it was over, along came the Delta Variant of the coronavirus which has proven to be an even bigger threat than the original strain of COVID-19.

Health officials says this strain is more contagious and is a much more intense version of the illness.

Now, COVID-19 cases are starting to surge again to New Jersey companies are starting to re-instate their health restrictions and regulations.

Some are for employees, some are for employees and customers and some have different rules for different areas of the state.

The list is longer than you would think and if numbers keep going in the same direction, I am sure more businesses will soon be added to it.

So take a look and please stay safe out there.

If you hear of another company with health restrictions, please email me at Nicole.Murray@townsquaremedia.com so I can add it to the list.

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