Living at the Jersey Shore is an honor and a privilege, but it does come with certain oddities that can only happen here at the Jersey Shore.

So we have come up with a new edition of "You Know You're From The Jersey Shore if.... We think you'll enjoy these and relate to them as well. Let's see how many of these things you have done.

You Have Skipped Plans So You Don't Lose Your Parking Spot. If you live in a beach town and you park on the street, sometimes it happens. You have plans, but you also have a street parking spot. There is no decision to be made. Keep the spot and hope your friends understand.

You Do Your Shopping On Wednesday. Beach town residents know their town is going to turn into a you-know-what show the closer the weekend gets, so if you need anything, you have to be mid week proactive.

You Avoid the Parkway. You stay off the Parkway at all costs on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and even Monday morning. If you live at the Shore and the birthday party is north of Asbury Park, you ain't going!

You Have Gotten Blocked Into Your Own Driveway. You love living close to the water until you realize everyone is trying to get there and no one is giving an inch.

You Have Given Directions To A Person Who Doesn't Know Which Direction The Beach Is. Here's a hint. It's the Atlantic Ocean. It's east. It's always east. Wherever you are, just go east.

We know we have just given you the tip of the iceberg here, but we knew you would relate to some, if not all of these. Hope you enjoyed them.

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