Is anyone surprised that New Jersey knows how to party?

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It's the biggest party night of the year (oh yeah!) Have you been working on your "booze fitness" to prepare?

What's that you ask? According to Greenhouse Treatment, it's the ability to "function perfectly well working and drinking hard."

Obviously, you want to maintain a healthy balance between the two. And Greenhouse Treatment says that 41% of New Jerseyans consider themselves "booze fit," which is interesting to think about on such a huge party night like tonight, Thanksgiving Eve.

Are you the kind of person that considers themselves "booze fit" where you can party hard and wake up the next morning as if nothing happened? I don't know about you, but as I get older, my booze fitness gets worse and worse. Thank goodness we have a day off tomorrow!

While it may be tempting to bar hop, I'd personally recommend picking a bar, or area of bars to stay close to, since people are going to want to party after being locked in the house this time last year. I can help you with that!

If you're planning on hitting the town tonight, check out 10 Jersey Shore bars you can party at for Thanksgiving Eve.

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