New Jersey has made some improvements in the way the state is helping people with disabilities find training and jobs, according to a new state-by-state analysis.

Phillip Kahn-Pauli, policy and practices director of the advocacy group Respectability, said New Jersey now ranks 28th in the country in terms of jobs and opportunities for people with disabilities.

"New Jersey is now at a point where it is outperforming much bigger states, like California and Florida," he said.

But the group would like to see more opportunity for people in high school -- whether disabled or not -- to get experience and training. From there, they could figure out if college or the workforce makes more sense as a next step.

Kahn-Pauli said New Jersey has made some progress, but could be doing better. He said there are, "thousands of students with disabilities who leave New Jersey schools every year."

"Maybe they drop out, maybe the age out. And they do not necessarily conceive of what is a path for them to find a place in the competitive workforce," he said.

The state-by-state report was crafted from Census data, and information on which states employ the most people with disabilities.

According to the Respectability analysis of Census data, there are 400,000 New Jerseyans with disabilities, and 161,000 with disabilities who are of working age.

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