A Jackson woman who used a young child as a human shield during an argument at a home on Walter Drive last Friday is facing a string of charges following her arrest.

Police arrived around 5:03 pm to serve a court order when they met a 28-year old man on the front porch who was the man they were looking for, but he was occupied yelling a someone.

He refused officer's orders to stop and was then arrested for violating a court order.

The 28-year old was later processed and released on summons pending a court appearance.

While all this was going on, Jackson Police said a 53-year old woman bolted into the house with a young child, in violation of a court order, and refused to leave the residence.

Officers were able to gain entry to enforce the order and also check on the safety of the child.

Once in the home, they learned that the woman had barricaded herself and the child inside a bedroom.

Police tried to negotiate with her but then advised her that she was under arrest for obstruction and ordered her to open the door...but she refused to cooperate.

As officers were getting ready to force entry into the bedroom, she opened the door but was holding the child and refused the officer’s commands to put the child down.

When police attempted to place her under arrest, she used the child as a shield to keep the officers from doing so and then fell onto a bed on top of the child while holding the child around the midsection and refusing to let go.

Officers then saw that the child was having difficulty breathing because the woman was laying on top of it and grasping tightly to hold on.

They then used physical force to have her relinquish her grasp on the child and remove the child from the situation.

She then continued to struggle with the officers before being placed in handcuffs.

While she was being processed at police headquarters, officers saw that she had urinated on the floor and then clogged a toilet in the cell, causing flooding.

She was processed and later released pending a court appearance after being charged with: endangering the welfare of a child (2nd degree), interference with a court order, obstruction, resisting arrest and criminal mischief.

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