Jackson Police use intel about a man heading to town with a large quantity of marijuana to make an arrest at the location they found out he was heading towards.

Officers found a 2009 Infiniti on Sixty Acre Boulevard and pulled the car over due to several traffic violations.

Police detected a smell of weed coming from inside the vehicle which was confirmed by a sheriff's K-9.

The driver, Daniel Hosein, 33, of Jackson, now faces several charges including possession and intent to distribute.

A Jackson Police Officer received information on Sunday in reference to a man who was going to be travelling into the township with a substantial quantity of marijuana.

It was around 12:23 pm that an officer observed the 2009 Infiniti on Sixty Acre Boulevard that had committed several traffic violations, so as a result a motor vehicle stop was conducted with the vehicle.

An officer then detected the odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle and a K-9 from the Ocean County Sheriff's Department responded to the scene and indicated to the presence of marijuana.

The Infiniti was then seized and brought to police headquarters for officers to apply for a search warrant and the driver was released at the scene after being issued traffic summonses.

On Monday December an Officer applied for and was granted a search warrant for the vehicle and during that search, in excess of three pounds of marijuana in multiple packages and drug paraphernalia was recovered.

Summons complaints were then prepared to be served to Hosein who is charged with possession of marijuana (over 50 grams), possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute (3rd degree), possession of drug paraphernalia and the possession of a controlled dangerous substance while operating a motor vehicle.

Police contacted Hosein who responded to police headquarters on Wednesday where he was processed and served the summons complaints and then released pending a court appearance.

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