Looking to move in the future and don’t know where you should start? The Philadelphia and Bucks County area of Pennsylvania is such a great place to start.

Bucks County towns give you that residential vibe that you may be looking for while being just miles from a major city. If you want to avoid the hustle and bustle but are looking for the perks of living in Philadelphia, the suburbs surrounding the city are probably where you should start looking.

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There truly are so many perks to living close to or right in the heart of Philadelphia. There are a lot of amazing job opportunities, delicious restaurants of all kinds, super fun bars and clubs to check out, loads of history, and of course, amazing sporting events to check out.

Road Snacks has made a list of the worst Philadelphia suburbs to live in for 2024 and you may be shocked about which surrounding areas made the list!

According to the most recent Census and FBI data, these are the top 10 worst suburbs around Philadelphia for 2024;

10. Burlington

9. Collingdale

8. Eddystone

7. Colwyn

6. Folcroft

5. Darby

4. Chester

3. Marcus Hook

2. Camden

Finally, number 1 on the list is Penns Grove, NJ. Penns Grove is located in Salem County, New Jersey, and is located in South Jersey.

It’s about a 35-minute drive from Penns Grove to Philadelphia, but according to this data, it’s considered a suburb near Philadelphia, but not particularly one of the best!

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