We're going star-gazing in New Jersey!

In case you missed it: Timothée Chalamet is filming in New Jersey for a new Bob Dylan biopic called "A Complete Unknown." Chalamet is obviously taking on the role of the iconic Bob Dylan in the 1960's. The movie also stars Elle Fanning as Sylvie Russo!

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Shooting for the movie will be taking place in various areas of New Jersey through June.

Over the past couple of weeks, Chalamet has been spotted in costume in New York. You may have seen a few images and videos floating around the internet of him strutting around like the coolest guy on Earth.

People also seem to have caught a glimpse of him in at the Miss America Diner in Jersey City, where film crews were spotted in March. But there was no sign of Elle Fanning.


Timothée Chalamet & Elle Fanning spotted filming in New Jersey

Elle Fanning has entered New Jersey! On Tuesday, April 9, Chalamet and Fanning were spotted filming on set together in Paterson! They look so cool in their costumes as Bob Dylan and love interest Sylvie Russo.

Different costumes, same on-screen chemistry - they look great together!

Somebody even caught some footage of them filming several scenes! Pretty cool to see the costumed extras in the background and other people in the supporting cast. Straight from the 1960's!

"A Complete Unknown" is looking for extras in Cape May, New Jersey

In case you missed it, the filmmakers are set to film a music festival scene in Cape May this May - and they're looking for extras!

So excited to see how the movie turns out! Keep your eyes peeled for film crews in New Jersey through June!

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