A long-time TV Anchor in New York City abruptly disappeared from TV screens earlier this month, and fans have been wondering why he departed the station (so quickly).

Ken Rosato had been with WABC (ABC 7) in New York and Eyewitness news for more than two decades before he suddenly disappeared from TV screens across the area.

It turns out that Ken Rosato was fired following an incident with a hot mic earlier this month.

Multiple outlets including Page Six and Deadline report that Rosato was immediately released after calling his co-anchor a slur. He called his co-anchor, Shirleen Allicot, a "C-t," according to multiple reports from Page Six and Deadline. 

Rosato was off-air at the time of the insult, but it occurred when he was in the presence of a hot mic.

The Sun reports that the insult was reported to management after it was heard in the control room and elsewhere in the newsroom.

Management immediately fired the 24-year veteran from the station following the insult. His biography was scrubbed from the station's website in a matter of hours, Deadline reports.

Before joining ABC 7 as the co-anchor of the station's morning and 12-noon broadcasts daily, Allicot was the co-anchor of 6 ABC's 4 pm broadcast in Philadelphia.

Meanwhile, Page Six reports that Rosato was struggling with back pain in recent weeks, and resenting his co-anchor in his final days.

Sources tell Page Six that the station was giving Allicot "more shine," and Ken was likely jealous.

ABC did not issue a statement. Meanwhile, Rosato's representatives have neither confirmed nor denied the allegations.

The Sun reports that Rosato's contract had just been renewed with the station at the time of the incident. They say the 56-year-old anchor was making an estimated $500,000 a year. 

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