When you think of New Jersey, which fast foods do you think of? You've heard and eaten them all before. Cheesesteaks, pork roll, pizza, water ice, hoagies...!

In this state, you might have a hard time finding someone who prefers these foods served by national chains as opposed to local neighborhood restaurants delis, pizzerias, cheesesteak shops etc. You can't really beat that. But when it does come to fast food chains, which one are you going for? Domino's? Chipotle? Five Guys? McDonald's?

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I came across an article posted by FinanceBuzz, titled Each State's Favorite Fast Food Chain. But when I saw their pick for New Jersey, I just had to roll my eyes. I'll tell you why soon.

So according to FinanceBuzz, what's New Jersey's favorite fast food chain? Hint: It's very nail-on-the-head.

Jersey Mike's

Listen. I'm not sitting here to bash Jersey Mike's. In a pinch, they're a solid option for freshly made hoagies and hot subs.

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...But let's be honest. Are they really our favorite fast food chain here in New Jersey? Here's where I have to question FinanceBuzz's findings.

Here's how they measured the data, according to them:

"...FinanceBuzz collected popularity data using metrics like search volume and number of restaurant locations for nearly 70 major fast-food chains throughout the country."

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Again, not knocking Jersey Mike's - but as a life-long New Jerseyan, I feel confident in saying you're far more likely to hear someone talking about grabbing Chick-fil-A, Wawa, or Chipotle for lunch and dinner in New Jersey.

In my experience, Jersey Mike's is more of an option for an office lunch event or an Eagles watch party. And it's reliable! But for a regular day when you just want to grab something good and quick? With a drive-thru? Jersey Mike's isn't the go-to. What do you think?

Sorry, Danny Devito.

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