Your favorite pizza place is in financial trouble. I hate hearing this.

Restaurant Business is reporting that a popular pizza chain is struggling and trying to figure out its future, but could be headed for a bankruptcy filing.

For years it was considered the fastest-growing chain restaurant in the United States and now, like many other restaurants it's trying to stay afloat.

It's MOD Pizza.

It still has 18 locations in Pennsylvania, including  Newtown, Warrington, and Willow Grove.

There were several New Jersey locations, including Princeton and Cherry Hill but, they have closed down.

A MOD Pizza spokesperson said in a statement addressing the rumors that the company is experiencing trouble, "We have a brand guests love, a passionate team, and a solid turnaround plan underway that is making progress. We're working diligently to improve our capital structure and are exploring all options to do so. Since this is an ongoing process, it would be inappropriate to speculate on the outcome."

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This isn't the only restaurant chain that's been hit with hard times recently.

The once wildly popular seafood chain, Red Lobster, declared bankruptcy back in May (2024). I never thought I'd see that happen. The company has been forced to shut down many locations across the country including the always bustling Lawrenceville, NJ location on Route 1.

The COVID-19 pandemic and post-pandemic inflation has wrecked havoc on the restaurant industry.

Hopefully, MOD Pizza will survive. I love the concept.

You know what MOD stands for, don't you?  It's an abbreviation for Made On Demand. The pizza is made how you like it in a personal size, so everyone is happy. I'd pop into the now-closed Princeton location for lunch often.

For more information on MOD Pizza's troubles, click here.

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