Ok, NJ residents this is something you're going to want to pay attention to.

United States Government officials say there's something that you should never carry around with you in your wallet.

Can you guess what it is?

Clearly, it's not cash. We all have some cash in our wallets from time to time and it's no big deal.


It's not credit or debit cards. We all have at least a few of them these days.

It's not receipts, pictures, business cards, or that cute person's number you met at the bar.

Give up?

The Social Security Administration says on its official website, "We encourage you not to carry your Social Security card with you every day. The best way to 'Guard Your Card' is to keep it in a safe place and share it only when required, which is rare. In most cases, just knowing the Social Security number should be enough."


Ooops. I have to admit, I was guilty of carrying around my Social Security for quite some time. I didn't have the number memorized and felt like I got asked for it often, so I kept it with me.

I stopped a few years ago when a friend of mine got her wallet stolen with her Social Security card in it. Yikes. It made her an easy victim of possible identity theft and a slew of other things like opening new accounts or new credit cards.

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Not that hackers and other crafty, dishonest people can't find this information other ways, but when your card's in your wallet and it's stolen, you make their jobs much easier.

So, don't delay. Take that card out of your wallet today and put it in a safe place.

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