Surprise! Demi Lovato has been spotted making her way around New Jersey! Over the weekend, Demi Lovato was spotted dining in Cranford, New Jersey, and took pictures with a lot of the staff.

She was chilling in her comfy all-black sweatsuit looking as beautiful as ever! A lot of locals saw her around town and were posting pictures and videos of her exploring the beautiful town of Cranford!

Demi Lovato Spotted in Cranford, New Jersey

Tap Into reports that she has been in the area filming a brand new movie called Tow and took a break from filming to grab a bite to eat. She stopped into Ambeli Greek Taverna on Friday afternoon to grab a bite to eat and the staff posted about her visit.

"Sincerely thank you to Demi Lovato for dining with us! We hope you enjoyed the flavors and warmth of Ambeli while visiting." Ambeli Greek Taverna wrote on Instagram.

Who Is Demi Lovato?

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Demi Lovato is a singer, songwriter, and actress who got her start as a child actor on Disney Channel. She starred in movies like Camp Rock, and The Princess Protection program and even went on to have her own show called Sonny With A Chance.

After breaking out of the Disney Channel world, she broke barriers in the pop industry and released some of her greatest hits like Neon Lights, Skyscraper, Heart Stack, and Sorry Not Sorry. Demi is currently filming a movie called Tow.

You always have to keep your eyes peeled when you're in New Jersey! You never know who you may bump into!

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