Since the prices of just about everything have been going up lately, New Jersey residents were worried one of their favorite Costco menu items would feel the wrath of inflation.

Everyone knows if you want to go out for a cheap lunch and grab an industrial size package of chicken nuggets at the same time, look no further than Costco.

At their snack bar by checkout, you seriously can’t beat the prices that they offer! For as long as I can remember, the most popular soda and hotdog combo meal have been the same price for forever, which is only $1.50.

Plus, you can get unlimited refills on the sodas! Such a steal. I’m all about a good bargain and will confidently say, I love a good Costco Hot dog combo meal.

The joke online has been people becoming extremely worried if Costco is going to change the prices on their menu items. I came across an article from that has a quote from Costco’s CFO, Richard Galanti, which said that the Costco Hot Dog and Soda combo will remain $1.50 indefinitely.

The original price of the meal was set back in 1985, and Costco has absolutely no intentions of changing the price anytime soon. I'm here to set the record straight that the next time you’re on Quaker Bridge Road in Lawrenceville and want to stop by Costco for a quick bite to eat, you can bet that your Costco favorite will still only be a whopping $1.50.

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