With summertime here, many of us are welcoming (more or less) our friends from neighboring states.

You know the drill: hundreds and thousands of overflowing mini-vans and SUVs will be crawling down the Expressway, Parkway, and Routes 47 and 347 every Friday, only to do it all in reverse order Sunday afternoon and evening.

We, of course, affectionately call those people "shoobies" -- and that affection runs a bit thin when they're in the left lane going 53 MPH, but that's another story.

While those from out of the area are in the area, it's a guarantee that every restaurant in every shore town will be packed with people. But there are a small handful of eateries that have a special place in the hearts of folks sporting different license plates.

For the hot weather months, we have assembled a now-growing list of where you are absolutely guaranteed to find a high concentration of folks from Pennsylvania and points beyond.

Traffic Jam on the Atlantic City Expressway in Hamilton Township
Traffic Jam on the Atlantic City Expressway in Hamilton Township / Chris Coleman/Townsquare Media

To be on this list, these restaurants have to have a certain level of heritage and, of course, good food. I mean, the pizza has to be good to be in a beach town and people want to get your food before they go to the beach, right?

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