I have now spoken with dozens of sources, who have had direct contact with the legendary actress, Shirley MacLaine … during her extended time spent in the Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Each and every person has confirmed what an absolute delight MacLaine has been to work with.

Her co-star, Stephen Dorff has also earned very positive reviews from various onlookers.

The movie is titled, “People Not Places.”

I had always heard that MacLaine is a class act and such an incredibly professional actress.

This is no longer a rumor. MacLaine has clearly demonstrated this is true during her filming of "People Not Places" in the Atlantic City area.

The word on the street is that Dorff is overjoyed to have this opportunity to work with MacLaine.

Shirley MacLaine and Stephen Dorff have been in the Atlantic City, Margate and Pleasantville areas filming

"People Not Places."

It stars MacLaine, a woman in her twilight years, who befriends a homeless person, while also dealing with issues involving her own son.

In real life, MacLaine is now 90 years old, yet, everyone on the movie set are amazed at MacLaine’s vitality and incredible work ethic.

The photo that is featured above and also included directly below ... is a scene from the movie that was filmed several weeks ago on Tennessee Avenue in Atlantic City.

“People Not Places” photo via Facebook.
“People Not Places” photo via Facebook.

MacLaine can be seen on the right hand side of the photo (above).

The movie has been filming in Atlantic City, Margate and Pleasantville.

We can his confirm that “People Not Places” has also filmed recently at an Ocean City, New Jersey assisted living facility.

The cooperation demonstrated by each and every community (towards the film) has been exemplary.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small has a small part in the movie.

I’m looking forward to seeing “People Not Places.”

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