Just in time for your summertime trips down the shore, a website has ranked our beloved state one of the grossest in the nation.

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As a matter of fact, New Jersey is in the top ten -- and almost the top five.

According to the editors at Zippia.com, the great Garden State is the sixth grossest state.

As we all know, it's easy to beat up on New Jersey. When those from other (lesser) states (like Delaware) think of us, they picture those stereotypical images of the refineries along the Turnpike spewing who-knows-what into the air, big cities shrouded in smog, traffic backed up for miles and miles, and cities that have fallen on hard times.

Camden NJ - Photo: Google Maps
Camden NJ - Photo: Google Maps

And while some of that is true, that is not New Jersey. This is the Jersey that many of us know:

Sunset on the beach in Cape May County - Photo: Chris Coleman
Sunset on the beach in Cape May County - Photo: Chris Coleman

For their rankings, the folks at Zippia.com took things like air pollution, trash, the spread of illness, and "some cultural factors" into account.

So how did New Jersey get to be so high on the list? They say,

The tiny, densely populated state of New Jersey has a trash problem. In fact, 0.0421% of the state is landfill- More than any other state in the country.

That's it? What a crock.

At least we're not alone in our trashy misery. Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, and Connecticut are all in the top ten.

Of course, you need to keep in mind that this is likely one of those rankings that are made by people that haven't actually spent any time in New Jersey. If that's the case, some Jersey-style expletive-enhanced words of wisdom should be sent their way. Along with a giant seagull to steal their lunch.

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