It's a decade in state prison for an Ocean County man who was caught with cocaine and fentanyl.

Last Friday, 44-year-old Leroy Hairston of Manchester Township was sentenced to ten years behind bars after pleading guilty in two separate cases, one from this year and another in 2020.

2020 investigation

An investigation by the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office in November and December of 2020 identified a residence in Manchester Township as being used by Hairston to store and distribute cocaine.

On December 10th of that year, authorities executed a search warrant at that home and they seized approximately 75 grams of cocaine and 26 pills that later tested positive for fentanyl.

Hairston was taken into custody, transported to the Ocean County Jail, and then released per bail reform guidelines.

Most recent case

An unrelated investigation conducted between this past January and April identified Leroy's Tow Service in Toms River and a home in Manchester Township, owned by Hairston, as being used to store and distribute cocaine.

After Hairston left is business on April 26th, he was detained by Ocean County sheriff's officers and ultimately, detectives seized approximately 100 grams of cocaine and $7,000 cash.

Hairston was transported to the Ocean County Jail and, again, released per bail reform guidelines.

Ocean County Prosecutor Bradley Billhimer thanked the numerous agencies that have been involved in these cases, including the Toms River and Manchester Township Police Departments, the Ocean County Regional SWAT Team, and the Ocean County Sheriff's Office.

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