Stockton University has been making big moves in the Money Magazine college rankings since 2015

Stockton University graphic.
Stockton University graphic.

Money Magazine conducts national rankings (annually)  for the “best colleges for your money.”

In 2015, Stockton University was ranked #483 in America.

Stockton University is now  #156 in’s 2022-23 Best Colleges Ranking in America of 2022 by Money Magazine.

Stockton had made it as high as # 206 in 2017. In 2020, Stockton was at #311, which makes the vast improvement to their now best-ever # 156 ranking, all the more impressive.

Stockton University achieved among the biggest improvements in America.

Money Magazine did not conduct its annual college rankings in 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Harvey Kesselman photo.
Dr. Harvey Kesselman photo.
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We will be conducting a one-on-one interview this Wednesday, August 24, 2022, live from The Boardwalk in Atlantic City … at The MEET AC Atlantic City Airshow with Dr. Harvey Kesselman, President of Stockton University.

Dr. Kesselman will be spending the entire 6:00 a.m. hour with us. It will be a wide-ranging discussion about:

  • Money Magazine’s best colleges for the money rankings.
  • The Stockton University Atlantic City Campus.
  • The Stockton University Galloway Township Campus.
  • This school year will be the last for Dr. Kesselman as President of Stockton University.
  • Additional intangibles not mentioned here.

From its meager beginnings as Stockton State College where they actually held classes in 1971 at The Mayflower Hotel in Atlantic City to now, a flourishing University, made up of two opulent. sprawling campuses in both Atlantic City and Galloway Township.

To borrow a phrase, Stockton University has come a long way, baby.

Kesselman has seen it all, being a member of Stockton’s first graduating class and becoming Stockton’s only alumnus President.


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