A website has determined that the loneliest city in New Jersey happens to be one of the busiest in the state (at least during parts of the year).

And while that may seem contradictory, just because you live in a bustling area doesn't mean everyone is enjoying a vibrant social or personal life.

Editors at 247WallSt.com recently did a deep dive into a bunch of data to find the loneliest city in each state.

They took things like Census Bureau data into account, along with monthly gross rent, bachelor's degree attainment rates, etc.

And they were quick to point out that "loneliest" does not mean people are sitting at home alone every night eating a bowl of Cheetos while watching Wheel of Fortune (although many are). Being lonely could mean a number of things — you are just starting out on your own, you are out of a relationship — whatever.

Loneliest cities in New Jersey Pennsylvania New York and Delaware
Loneliest cities in New Jersey Pennsylvania New York and Delaware - Photo: Canva

Before we dive into New Jersey's home for the most people in isolation, let's look at our neighbors.

Pennsylvania's Loneliest City

247WallSt.com has determined that the loneliest city in Pennsylvania is Pittsburgh.

Yes, a huge city like Pittsburgh with a population of 300,000 people has the most lonely people. 34.5% of those living there are one-person households.

Loneliest Cities in Delaware and New York

Over in Delaware, Dover is The First State's loneliest city while folks in Elmira are having lots of dinners-for-one in New York.

U.S. Route 13 in Delaware - Photo: Google Maps
U.S. Route 13 in Delaware - Photo: Google Maps

New Jersey's Loneliest City

Meanwhile, 247WallSt.com says Ocean City is New Jersey's loneliest city (remember that the next time you are waiting in line at Manco & Manco and there are 83 people ahead of you).

Ocean City NJ in September - Photo: Chris Coleman
Ocean City NJ in September - Photo: Chris Coleman

Yes — Ocean City. The island where you can't find a parking spot between Memorial Day and Labor Day is the loneliest city in the Garden State.

And, again, just because it's busy doesn't mean everyone is throwing a dinner party every night of the week.

Statistically, 31.6% of those living in Ocean City are one-person households while just over 19% of adults in the city are living alone.

Ocean City boardwalk
Ocean City boardwalk (Chris Coleman, Townsquare Media NJ)

Keep in mind, that Ocean City has also been named the drunkest city in the state, which is ironic since it's a dry town.

Does that mean you can put two and two together — is there a bit of a dark side to America's Greatest Family Resort? Are people turning to alcohol to deal with their loneliness? It seems like one could make that argument.

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