Ah, Wawa. Yes, if you're from New Jersey, you gotta have one.

I mean, what would the Garden State be without Wawa?

You can grab a hoagie if you need something to eat at 2 AM. Coffee at sunrise? They got you covered. And that's not to mention any number of snacks, salads, and drinks.

And, lately, chicken sandwiches. And burgers. And pizza. And tacos.

Free Coffee Day in New Jersey
(Dan Alexander, Townsquare Media NJ)

And, of course, the infamous Wawa air pump for when you need to put air in a tire and there's a 50/50 chance that it'll actually be working.

But while zillions of people stop at Wawa day in and day out, it's not perfect. At least that's what some diehard fans of the convenience store chain were recently discussing on Facebook.

Ponder this question: if you could make Wawa better, what would you suggest?

Many people immediately talked about bringing back the full-service deli counter, some thought of a better design for their parking lots, while others suggested a coffee-only cashier (how cool would that be?!).

Let's take a look at how some diehard, passionate fans of Wawa would make things better...

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