Many years ago, The Atlantic City Press had a regular feature called “The Curious Cameraman Asks ….”

It was an excellent feature. It would still work very well today. They would poll various topics of interest.

In 1953, they polled this question:

Should Gambling Be Legalized Here?

This was 25 years prior to New Jersey voters actually approving casino gambling for Atlantic City only.

Of note, the first casino gambling public referendum (ballot question) failed in 1974 … when it sought to approve gaming on a state-wide basis.

Two years later it passed when the casino gambling was limited to Atlantic City only.

This led to an unparalleled 40 years of economic prosperity in Atlantic City and the creation of tens of thousands of great paying jobs.

Back in 1953, when the Atlantic City press polled thus question, all 6 respondents were in favor of legalized gambling in Atlantic City.

Here is how it looked in print 71 years ago.

Kenneth McIntyre photo.
Kenneth McIntyre photo.

It is now hard to imagine what the Atlantic City economy would be like without legalized casino gambling.

After the disastrous 1964 Democratic National Convention, which was held in Atlantic City … it led to a devastating economic decline that would last until then Resorts International Casino Hotel opened on May 26, 1978.

The tremendous success of Resorts led to decades of non-stop new casino hotel development in Atlantic City, peaking at 13 casinos … before an economic downturn, along with the proliferation of legal gaming around the country … led to the closure of 4 Atlantic City casinos.

Imminent New York City casino gambling is Atlantic City’s next biggest threat.

SOURCE: The Curious Cameraman Asks.

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