Nobody's perfect, rite?

We all make misteaks- er, mistakes.

To air- oh... err is human, after all.

And while some goofs go unnoticed, some are much more obvious.

Say, for example, when there's a typo on a brightly lit sign near one of the busiest interstate highways in the country.

Yes, PennDOT just installed a sign directing drivers to "Cenrtal" Philadelphia.

It was recently put up near the section of highway that was destroyed in that tanker truck inferno several months ago.

And, again, no one's perfect -- but we're not talking about just sticking mailbox letters on some metal here.

Someone had to design the sign, create the sign, transport the sign, install the sign, light it up, and then stand back and say, "yep - looks good, I think we're done here."

And this nerd moment, if you will... if you're wondering why those signs say "Central Phila" instead of "Center City," like everyone calls it, that's because road signs are designed to help everyone. Someone from South Dakota probably has no idea where or what "Center City" is as they're driving at 70 MPH trying to find the Liberty Bell.

I-76 sign in Philadelphia - Photo: Google Maps
I-76 sign in Philadelphia - Photo: Google Maps

Of course, fully spelling out both words makes for some huge signs.

Typos on Signs Do Happen

While it's rare, typos do happen on road signs. I caught this "yeild" sign on the Garden State Parkway in 2017...

Yield sign spelled wrong in New Jersey - Photo: Chris Coleman

Or sometimes signs get made upside down...

Upside down US Route 322 sign - Photo: Chris Coleman
Upside down US Route 322 sign - Photo: Chris Coleman

And sometimes signs are just plain comical.

Typo on I-95 sign in Philadelphia
Typo on I-95 sign in Philadelphia - Photo: YouTube user 6ABC Philadelphia

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