A national lifestyle publication has given big honors to one city in New Jersey as they recently named it one of the top ten prettiest places to visit during winter in the entire country.

Imagine This

Before we dive in, picture this: there's a chill in the air, a little snow on the ground, you're all bundled up, perhaps a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate is in your hand, and you are truly enjoying the sights of the season.

Sure, hitting the beach in summer is terrific, but winter can also be a magical time of year.

Coffee in winter - Photo: Alex Padurariu on Unsplash
Coffee in winter - Photo: Alex Padurariu on Unsplash

The editors at Country Living have released a list of the 40 prettiest towns in America that you should check out during the colder months.

They say that while summer and fall are prime seasons for weekend getaways, winter shouldn't be overlooked.

There are towns across the country that look like picture-perfect postcards in the wintertime, whether it's due to a light dusting of snow, historic architecture, dramatic landscapes, or a combination of all three.

Let's look at their top three before revealing New Jersey's entry...

3. Bar Harbor, ME

Bar Harbor, Maine
Bar Harbor, Maine - Photo: Google Maps

With Acadia National Park as a backdrop, Bar Harbor, right on the coast, has no shortage of wintertime activities to offer. Country Living says it can get crowded in the summer, but the cold weather thins the crowd a bit in winter.

2. Portsmouth, NH

Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Portsmouth, New Hampshire - Photo: Google Maps

Portsmouth is a quintessential New England town about an hour from Boston. It's about as picturesque as you can get.

1. Leavenworth, WA

Leavenworth, Washington
Leavenworth, Washington - Photo: Google Maps

Topping the list is Leavenworth, not too far from Seattle. They say, "Leavenworth might be the next best thing to visiting Germany at Christmastime." They even have a nutcracker museum!

What about New Jersey?

Coming in as the 9th-prettiest city to visit during winter in America is Cape May.

Cape May NJ
Cape May NJ - Photo: TSM Illustration

While known as a seaside beach resort, locals know the magic that Cape May offers in the colder months.

Country Living remarked,

Picturesque Cape May is a Victorian-era resort town with a shop-lined main street that's particularly festive during the holidays. No, you probably won't be spending much time on the beach, but you can book a stay in a cozy B&B.

Find Out More

For a full list of all 40 of the prettiest towns to visit in winter, visit Country Living's website.

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