The state of Marriage in the United States has been a debated topic in many areas of media. The numbers show that since hitting a record-low Rate of Marriages in 2020, the numbers have trended up in the last few years.

But the metric Rate of Marriage per 1,000 Total Population is lower than it was 20 years ago. In 2022, the Rate of Marriage was at 6.2 - While that is higher than in 2020 (5.1), that is still below what the Marriage Rate was in 2022 (8.0).

The website GRWN Diamonds gathered data from the US Census Bureau along with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Their research goal was to find out what are the best and worst states for Marriage in America.

How New Jersey Marriage Rate Compares To Other States

According to the results of the study done by GRWN Diamonds, New Jersey has the sixth lowest Marriage Rate in America. The Garden State is not just one of only seven states with a Marriage Rate of 5.1 or less, but New Jersey is also well below the national average (6.2).

While New Jersey also has the seventh-lowest Divorce Rate in America, it appears that New Jersey residents are avoiding the ultimate form of relationship commitment.  The number of New Jersey marriages is down 15% compared to 20 years.

Also, New Jersey residents are waiting until later in life to get married compared to other states. NJ Men are getting married at the sixth highest average age (31.4) while Women are the seventh highest average age at marriage (29.9).

Here is the list of States with the Lowest Marriage Rates in America:

1. Lousiana (3.7)
2. New Mexico (4.2)
3. Illinois (4.9)
4. Maryland (5.0)
5. Massachusett (5.1)
6. New Jersey (5.1)
7. Delaware (5.1)
8. Minnesota (5.2)
9. Wisconsin (5.3)
10. Michigan (5.3)
11. Ohio (5.3)

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