One of the most popular baseball brands right now is the Savanna Banana's, and they are coming back to the area in 2024.

After appearing in Trenton during the 2023 Banana Ball World Tour, they are making their wat to Citizens Bank Park during the 2024 Banana Ball World Tour, which will be the largest stadium on the 2024 tour.

The Savanna Banana's are bringing their unique brand of baseball to Philadelphia on September 21st, 2024 at Citizens Bank Park against the Party Animals, which is their version of the Washington Generals.

After appearing on a ESPN+ miniseries called "Bananaland", the popularity of the team ook off as they began barnstorming around the country like the Harlem Globetrotter's

Like last season, the team held a draft for which cities will be on the world tour and in the eighth round they selected Philadelphia, with Shane Victorino making the selection inside Citizens Bank Park, with some help from the Phillie Phanatic.

Remember Victorino made an appearance for the team in 2023.


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"Banana Ball" as they call it has a unique set of rules, which include a two-hour time limit on games, no bunting, batters are not allowed to step out of the batter's box, no mound visits are allowed, walks are now called sprints, and foul balls caught by fans are counted as outs!

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