The South Jersey Coastal Community of Ocean City is a popular family vacation destination, famous for its boardwalk and restaurants.  The Jersey Shore community has been the home of full-time residents for over 150 years and is well-known for being a "Dry Town" with no alcohol served or public drinking anywhere on the island.

But now Ocean City has another unique distinction to add to its reputation.  The medical advocacy company Leafwell has ranked the Healthiest Cities across the state of New Jersey.  The rankings are based on an analysis of Google Search trends for 109 regions, towns, and cities in The Garden State.

Where Ocean City Ranks Among New Jersey's Healthiest Cities

According to Leafwell, Ocean City is the 10th Healthiest City in New Jersey.  Ocean City's top two search terms on Google are "Gym near me" and "Healthy Food near me".  Only a handful of South Jersey towns/cities broke into the top 50 of this list including Somers Point (26th overall) and Hammonton (49th overall).

Ocean City was ranked higher than the other South Jersey towns is because of the high volume of searches compared to the town's year-round population.  Other towns in the region that made this list of Healthiest Cities in New Jersey include Collingswood (16th overall), Haddonfield (25th overall), and Glassboro (36th overall).  The top Google searches in these towns include "Calorie Calculator" and "Healthy Food Near Me".

Leafwall restricted the list to 109 regions, towns, and cities in New Jersey because part of their criteria required all regions surveyed to have a population of over 10,000 people.  There was a total of 305 total searched terms in the 109 cities/towns ranked by Leafwall and the number one searched term in New Jersey in almost every one of those regions was "Gym near me".

NOTE: Data from Leafwell's Healthiest Cities across New Jersey research supplied by Journo Research

Aside from being the healthiest town in South Jersey, here are some other reasons why Ocean City is a special New Jersey Shore Community:

Here's What Makes Ocean City So Special

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