Since the Philadelphia Eagles season ended on January 15th, Jason Kelce has been a busy man the last few weeks. The Eagles All-Pro Center has been living his best life while attending his brother Travis' postseason games with the Chiefs along with bringing his wife and kids with him to the NFL Pro Bowl in Orlando, Florida.

After partying with his brother after Travis won his second straight Super Bowl, it wouldn't be surprising if Jason Kelce took a week or two to lay low and relax. On the most recent edition of his New Heights Podcast, Jason's voice was not in good shape and his wife Kylie was calling him out for oversleeping the day of the Podcast recording.

But all the travel and festivities from the last few weeks did not stop Jason Kelce from coming to Sea Isle City for this year's Mike's Seafood Polar Bear Run-Walk for Autism. This was a spontaneous appearance by Kelce who said nothing on his weekly podcast nor did he plan with Mike Monachetti, owner of Mike's Seafood, that he would be coming out for the annual fundraiser.

Kelce, who owns a Summer home in Sea Isle City, did not sign up ahead of time for the 5K Race like many other runners, but instead appeared on the Promenade for the scheduled 12 pm run that raises money for Families of Special Needs Children, Autism Support Groups, and Special Services Schools.

While many people were surprised to see the Eagles All-Pro Center in town, one person who was unfazed was Mike Monachetti.  Kelce is a frequent visitor to Mike's Seafood in Sea Isle City as Monachetti told me during our conversation on 973 ESPN South Jersey:

"Jason and his wife, Kylie, the whole family patronizes Mike's Seafood, they come in and get takeout (or) they go out back to eat at the Dock Restaurant. We just feel like we have a strong tie to Jason; His brother Travis also comes with him, his mom (Donna), everybody (in the Kelce family) comes down to Sea Isle City when (Jason Kelce) is here in the Summertime."

Despite the few inches of snow on the ground when people woke up Saturday morning and the cold air blowing around South Jersey, Hundreds of people still came out to support Mike's Seafood Polar Bear Run-Walk for Autism.

The Winter weather could not keep thousands of people from coming to Sea Isle City for President's Day Weekend. Many seasonal businesses open each year for the big weekend and show their support for what Mike's Seafood is doing with their annual fundraiser.  Even the Eagles' Jason Kelce was seen eating food from Bright Spot Cafe plus having drinks at The Ocean Drive on Saturday Night.

If anyone knows that Kelce is a real "Man of the People", it's Mike Monachetti who has experienced firsthand that Jason Kelce is a genuine, down-to-earth guy:

"People know there are lines to get in Mike's Seafood (during the Summer). I'll go out front and I'll see (Jason Kelce) standing out front of the building and there might be 60 or 70 people in front of him in line waiting to get on the Dockside Restaurant to eat. So I'll say to him 'Let me take you around the side door, take you right up to the dock' and he will adamantly say 'No". He's just genuine, he's down to earth. He would rather stand in line, talk to people, (and) take pictures with people. He's just really amazing."

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