When the news came out that New Jersey had won the bid to bring the 2026 FIFA World Cup Finals to MetLife Stadium, this was proclaimed a major win for The Garden State.

But new details have come out about the contract signed by Governor Phil Murphy with the officials at FIFA and some of the details are eye-opening.  The news out NorthJersey.com had to submit multiple public records requests to get ahold of these details.

Secret Details About New Jersey's Agreement To Host 2026 World Cup

According to the reporting by NorthJersey.com, the state of New Jersey has agreed to provide Free Public Transportation for all 2026 World Cup events including games, fan festivals, and other events. During the six-week window that FIFA is bringing the World Cup to New Jersey, the state will be covering costs for NJ Transit buses, trains, and shuttles for Ticket Holders and other people associated with FIFA events.

On top of paying for all those transportation costs, the state of New Jersey is spending an unspecified amount of money to figure out the best logistics for events and games. The state wants to prevent the reoccurrence of the issues encountered when MetLife Stadium hosted Super Bowl 48 in 2014.

How Much Money Is New Jersey Spending To Host the 2026 World Cup

New Jersey has also agreed to spend millions to upgrade MetLife Stadium and the surrounding complex to meet FIFA's "Beautification" requirements. The state must complete these aesthetic and logistical upgrades before any games are played in 2026.

There are also reports that FIFA will be receiving tax exemptions and tax breaks, along with leniency on local taxes as part of their contract with the state.  New Jersey agreeing to this was an important stipulation that helped pave the way for the 2026 FIFA World Cup Finals to be hosted at Metlife Stadium.

According to NorthJersey.com, the costs will reach hundreds of millions of dollars that New Jersey will have to cover for the 2026 FIFA World Cup.  Toronto is spending at least 380 Million to host their part of the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

But that number will be much higher for New Jersey considering the World Cup Final will be hosted at MetLife Stadium.  The state has no information on how much money they anticipate spending or any specific money outlined in the agreement with FIFA.

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