There's footage of a burning barrel in South Philly makes the rounds on social media, and I plan to watch it in place of the standard yule log video on Christmas Day.

I want to say my fascination with this burning barrel is not a metaphor for the Philadelphia Eagles blowing it's last two games against the 49ers and then the Cowboys, but I'd be lying. It just seems like an appropriate physical representation. Not QUITE a dumpster fire but getting pretty close.


If you wanna make your Christmas feel more local and less generic, two full hours of a fire burning in a trash can in the middle of the Italian Market in South Philly should do it.

Oh, and it's set to soothing Christmas music, too.

The boring ol' yule log's got nothing on this 9th Street attraction, lol. And as south fellini/YouTube points out, the barrel video also offers some fun people watching.


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Now, if only I could throw the masters to 'Dominic the Donkey' into this burn barrel my Christmas would be complete. I know I sound like The Grinch, but I loathe that Christmas carol.

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