The fate of a deer stranded in the ocean off Belmar, New Jersey beach could have been a lot different if not for a surfer coming to the rescue.

Deer go ALL THE WAY to the ocean? Apparently.

Here I go 'soap boxing' but it's my opinion that the more construction projects and roadways interrupt a wild animal's natural habitat, the more likely we are to spot them in uncommon places like the beach.

In this instance, a male deer made it all the way onto a stretch of rocks off Belmar Beach and then got stuck there.

It was around sunrise this past Sunday morning, reports, that photographer Adrienne Tully spotted the animal and began to capture what was happening.

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In the video below, the creature is clearly in distress as it tries to negotiate its way to shore. BTW, deer can swim? Never knew! Lol.

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The tide, you can see, is rough and probably terrifying to a deer. Reportedly a surfer who happened to be on the Belmar beach at the same time got the deer to safety, after which the buck hopefully learned his lesson, lol.

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