New Jersey is SUPER Trypophobic. More than anyone in the United States, in fact. What are we most afraid of? You won't believe it.

Garden Staters are phobic about a LOT of things, I'm finding out. Obvious fears like spiders and small, enclosed spaces are on the list, and even vomit.

But when it comes to Trypophobia, NJ residents outnumber EVERYONE else in America.

What is Trypophobia?

Trypophobia is the fear of clustered patterns of irregular holes.


Yes, New Jersey is most afraid of HOLES.

According to the team at, New Jersey searches having a 'fear of holes' on Google the most of any state AND it's the most searched for phobia by New Jersey residents. It's interesting considering Bet Carolina says Trypophobia is barely event recognized as a phobia in most cultures.

Hannah Voggenhuber/Unsplash
Hannah Voggenhuber/Unsplash

What is about holes that upsets you so much? Please, tell me. I don't know that I fear a bunch of random holes TOGETHER, but I certainly worry about a sink hole opening up beneath my house and swallowing me up while I'm sleeping in my bed.

I also despise potholes! I'm not scared of them though. Maybe I should be?

Oh, and you are going to CRACK UP when I tell you the SECOND most feared thing in New Jersey is...the OCEAN!

Ocean Waves
Ocean Waves/thinkstock

New Jersey is afraid of the ocean, too. Not a good sign considered the entire state basically borders one.

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New Jersey's Top 3 Fears (according to Bet Carolina) are: 1) Trypophobia, 2) Thalassaphobia, (fear of the ocean), and 3) Claustrophobia (fear of small, enclosed spaces).

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