Sometimes the stress inside builds up so much you just want to smash the hell out of something. A new 'rage room' proposed for Gloucester Township, New Jersey wants to help with that.

A 'rage room' is the ultimate stress reliever.

If you're unfamiliar with a 'rage room', it's basically a space filled with dishes, vases, old electronics, and other items you can totally destroy with a sledgehammer, baseball bat, or golf club when you feel the need to work out your frustrations.


Old Gloucester Township, NJ Wawa to Be Replaced with 'Rage Room'?

The company Mad Glass, LLC has a proposal in with the Gloucester Township zoning board for a rage room it wants to put in the area, reports.

If approved, it would be built in place of the old vacant Wawa at 1115 N. Black Horse Pike near Richard's Liquors in the Hilltop section of Blackwood.

Old Wawa to Become Rage Room in NJ
Google Maps; Canva
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Ironically, right at that awkward and often frustrating intersection where the exit off Route 42 meets Route 168 and Old Black Horse Pike that makes you fear for your life, lol. If you know, you know.

Route 168 at Old Black Horse Pike Blackwood NJ
Google Maps

According to, the proposed Mad Glass Gloucester Township would feature two separate rooms where you can break a bunch of stuff if you're feeling pissy, lol. You and up to three friends (13 and older) can go into the 'Shards of Rage' room for 20 minutes to break 30 items for $30. If you're looking to go harder, you can choose the all-you-can break in 20 minutes 'Hot Heads' room at $50 per session.

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