In the end of an era, a longtime, once highly popular, clothing retailer is closing multiple stores in New Jersey, leading to more than 150 layoffs.

I'm an Express girl through and through. It's the first place I shopped when I was able to buy clothes with my own money. Not only is Express STILL my go-to clothing store, but I still have pieces from the chain I bought in the late 90s that have held up and that I refuse to part with.

Express Clothing Retailer to Close Nearly 100 Stores Nationwide

Express Clothing Chain To Close Approximately 100 Stores By 2022
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So, you've got to imagine my shock in hearing that not only had Express filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, but the retailer will also sacrifice nearly 100 of its stores, reports.

That's right. Express will be closing 95 locations nationwide, reports, and unfortunately New Jersey will not be spared.

I want to be dramatic about it, but that would be totally inappropriate given the news that Express will also be eliminating 160 members of its workforce in the Garden State.

Express Clothing Retailer to Lay Off 161 New Jersey Employees

Express Downsizing NJ Workforce
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Express Inc. reportedly informed the New Jersey Department of Workforce and Labor Employment that 161 positions will be eliminated at multiple locations throughout the state at the end of May.

What Express Clothing Stores are Closing in South Jersey?

Express Clothing Chain To Close Approximately 100 Stores By 2022
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These New Jersey shopping malls will be losing their Express store, according to

  • Deptford Mall, Deptford
  • Freehold Raceway Mall, Freehold
  • Hamilton Mall, Mays Landing
  • Livingston Mall, Livingston
  • Moorestown Mall, Moorestown
  • Westfield Garden State Plaza, Paramus
  • Woodbridge Center, Woodbridge

According to NJ Biz, once Express closes the 95 ill-fated location, there will be only 10 remaining open in the U.S. Is that sad or what?

In nearby Philadelphia, PA, Express stores at the Fashion District off Market Street and at 1521 Walnut Street will close.

Excuse me while go cry in my coffee now (and shop the online Express sales).

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