It's been a more than a quarter of a century since the series 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' premiered on the WB, instantly becoming must-see TV on Monday nights. Now, there's a whole event dedicated to the cult classic!

If you were a fan and always wished Sunnydale High was a real place, there's a 'Buffy'-themed prom happening soon in New Jersey.

'Buffy' fans can immerse themselves in a real-life Sunnydale High School prom experience Saturday, March 18th.

Mutant Enemy/Kuzui Enterprises/Sandollar Televison/WB via iMDb
Mutant Enemy/Kuzui Enterprises/Sandollar Televison/WB via iMDb

This year's party will feature music from DJ VIDAL and live performances by the band The Boyfriends, according to buffyprom on IG, a photo booth where you can snap a Buffy prom photo, and a costume contest, so you should try and go as your favorite 'Buffy' character! Are you a Willow? An Angel? A Cordelia? A Spike? Or do you have the confidence to show up as the series' MAIN star?!

The 'Buffy' prom is happening at White Eagle Hall in Jersey City. Yeah, it's most definitely a road trip, but if you want to spend a festive night with other 'Buffy' devotees, it may be worth the drive!

There will also be vampire-themed cocktails and prizes!

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The prom is the brainchild of 'Buffy' fan Ariana Farfan, a makeup artist and bartender here in NJ who revels in giving her favorite TV show the Garden State tribute it deserves.

You can find more details at buffyprom on Instagram.

Hmm, wonder if you'll encounter Hellmouth while you're there! Don't forget your stake!

White Eagle Hall is located at 337 Newark Avenue in Jersey City.

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