A change is coming as the Atlantic City Expressway plans a transition to electronic, cashless tolls. Here's what we know so far about how to new system will work.

Hmm. A totally boothless ACX? Completely electronic? No opportunity to pay cash?

I can’t wrap my mind around this concept but I guess I better get used to it, because that’s the direction  tolls are going.

It’s not happening tomorrow, but within the week, South Jersey Transportation Authority will break ground on this major transformation, removing toll barriers and booths in favor of an overhead detection system like the ones that are already in place above the EZPass lanes along ACX.

Maybe SJTA is giving motorists an opportunity to convert to EZPass by the time the cashless system debuts in May 2025, because Atlantic City Expressway is going cashless whether you have EZPass or not, 6abc.com reports.

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I don’t understand and, beyond the SJTA announcement this week, I can’t seem to find information about how the 100 percent electronic, cashless toll system will work.

I attempted to reach a representative with SJTA but had not received a response as of publishing this story. Stay tuned.

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