A film based on the life of legendary rock star Bruce Springsteen is moving forward with an Emmy Award-winning actor set to take on the leading role. But is he the right person to play of New Jersey's most beloved native sons?

Bruce Springsteen, 'The Boss', is still alive and still rockin'! But he's about to have a movie made about him and I want to get your thoughts on the actor who's been tapped to portray him.

Movie 'Nebraska' in the Works on the Life of NJ's Bruce Springsteen


Pretending to be Bruce Springsteen, one of the greatest artists to ever live, is going to be no tall order for even the most seasoned of thespians. Springsteen's affects, his mannerisms, his very presence, are all so nuanced. Playing him on screen will require some serious method acting. Acting that means getting down and dirty to accurately replicate the grit and mysteriousness of a man who's not only lasted 50 years in the music industry but continues to thrive and be revered by fans and peers alike.

'The Bear's Jeremy Allen White to Take on Role of Bruce Springsteen

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But, in my opinion, the EXACT right person has accepted the role to play Freehold, New Jersey's own Bruce Springsteen in a movie about his life, Ultimate Classic Rock reports. Jeremy Allen White.

White could not be any bigger right now, having won pretty much every major television award one can win thanks to his role as Carmine 'Carmy' Berzatta in the groundbreaking FX series 'The Bear'. The Emmy, the SAG, Critic's Choice. Hollywood LOVES JAW right now.

Don't know 'The Bear'? Perhaps you remember Jeremy Allen White from the hit series 'Shameless' where he played Lip Gallagher in 134 episodes.

'Yes, Chef!'

'The Bear' on FX
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In 'The Bear', White is a classically trained chef pulled out of his high-profile life back into his family's business running a small roast beef stand in Chicago. White's portrayal of Carmy Berzatta is as intense as it is understated. He can be moody and broody and totally charming all the while.

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White acts with his eyes as much as he does with his words. He's got a subtly about him that is so completely engaging. All those are characteristics I would use to describe Bruce Springsteen. Not to mention how Jeremy Allen White looks like a young Bruce. Can you see it?

OMG, I wonder if the movie will recreate the 'Dancing in the Dark' music video!


Heck, I'd have just taken the role as a fan just to hang out with The Boss and have a chance to get to know him like Jeremy will probably have!

Filming on 'Nebraska' is reportedly set to begin this fall.

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