If you love the Jersey Shore, and the phrase 'Watch the Tramcar!' is music to your ears, take a look at this Wildwood Boardwalk Tramcar toy made from LEGOs.

This is one of the most Jersey things I've ever seen, lol.

Although most of us would agree the Wildwood boardwalk Tramcar warning is annoying (incessant, loud, and often out of tune), we'd also probably concede the Jersey Shore wouldn't be the same without it.

Joey Contino loved Wildwood SO much he even has a YouTube channel dedicated to it, so it's no surprise he found a way to turn the Tramcar into a LEGO.

Wildwood Video Archive/YouTube
Wildwood Video Archive/YouTube

After finding a LEGO lighthouse, Justin says he was determined to turn a LEGO Tramcar into reality. It was going to be the perfect addition to his previously-built Wildwood LEGO town.

Joey literally designed and had created the LEGO pieces he needed to build the iconic Tramcar. He was able to purchase enough materials (through a LEGO building site) to make a handful of the Wildwood Tramcar LEGO sets available on Etsy.

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Not only is it cool and colorful, it's QUIET! No repetitive 'Watch the Tramcar Please!'

On YouTube, Joey made a video showing EXACTLY how to built it!

Just one thing I'd add to this toy: Wayward boardwalk strollers who hear the 'Watch the Tramcar!' warning and still refuse to move for it, lol.

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