A Change.org petition has been started asking that maximum sentences be given to those involved in an alleged large-scale dogfighting operation uncovered last week on a Maurice River Township property.

Busted Dog Fighting Ring Run Uncovers More Than 100 Animals

Eight people have been arrested and 103 fighting dogs, fighting equipment, and other materials were recovered during a raid on the property at Rt. 49 and Hesstown Road near Millville on Wednesday, April 3.

Bruce Low Jr., the alleged leader, is facing charges that include dogfighting, money laundering, and racketeering. Low Jr. is thought to be one of the top five dogfighting breeders in the country. His wife and adult son have also been charged.

William McClinton, 68, Coy Dickenson, 58, Travis Garron, 38, Mark A. Runkle, 42, and Roosevelt Hart, 29, are also charged in the case.

Money from the dog fighting and selling operation was allegedly laundered through a construction company based on the Maurice River Township property, according to 6ABC.

"Profiting from dogfighting is callous, brutal, and cruel," said Attorney General Matthew Platkin at a press conference last week. "The alleged illegal activities that were uncovered by this investigation will not go unpunished."

Petition Demands Maximum Sentences For Those Involved

In a change.org petition started on Tuesday, April 9,  Alexis Bakley points out that over 100 dogs were bred and raised solely for fighting and suffered greatly at the hands of those involved.

Dog fighting is not just cruel; it's illegal. In New Jersey, dog fighting is considered a third-degree crime that carries a sentence of three to five years imprisonment per charge under N.J.S.A 4:22-24 et seq., yet often these sentences are not fully enforced.

Bakley is asking for signatures from those who feel as she does that the suspects should receive the maximum sentence possible under the law -- for each count representing every dog they've harmed.

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