If you have a garage or storage space, you'll want to look closely at some of the items you have stored in those places.

This is particularly true if you've done any work on your house.

Specifically, if you've done any painting.

Methylene Chloride may not sound familiar, but it has been used in products commonly used in products used at work and in your home.

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If you've ever done painting in your home or office, you may have used products to clean the brushes when you're done.

Additionally, Methylene Chloride was used in aerosol degreasing sprays.

Further, the chemical can be found in commercial sealants, adhesives, and even some types of refrigerants.

Common Chemical Could Be Lethal

The Environmental Protection Agency believes the chemical is responsible for at least 88 deaths.

Up until now, the chemical could be found legally, in products sold at stores like Home Depot and Lowes.

The EPA has been working towards a ban for years, and many of the products that had used Methylene Chloride, are either reformulated or no longer available.

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However, these are the types of products that people tend to buy and then put away, out of site.  They're easily forgotten in your garage, storage space, or shed.

There's no need for alarm.  Not all the products mentioned contain Methylene Chloride.

If you have these types of products lying around, you should look for the ingredients listed on the can or container.

The EPA says that if you do find a product that contains Methylene Chloride, you should not dispose of it in your regular trash.

Proper Disposal

The agency said you should drop it off at an EPA Hazardous Facility.  They have two of these facilities in New Jersey and you can get information HERE, or by calling 1-877-WARN-DEP (877-927-6337).

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