We've recently been hearing a lot about big chains that have been around for years, suddenly closing their doors.

This is especially true in the restaurant business.  Most recently, we've reported the news about Red Lobster filing for bankruptcy in a move that many found surprising.

Cracker Barrel is a chain of restaurants that has been around since 1969, and hopes to be around for a long time to come.

Quality Food Close to the Interstate

It was originally designed to serve travelers on interstate highways looking for quality food, at affordable prices close to the roadway.

A place to eat that wouldn't take people too far off their course.

In business, there's heritage, and then there's old.

According to the CEO of Cracker Barrel, Julie Fells Marino, Cracker Barrel has gotten old.

Cracker Barrel Needs Updates

Calling the Cracker Barrel brand "iconic" she admits it "lost some of its shine," and needs a "transformation," to build its current base and bring in new customers.

Among the changes coming to Cracker Barrel include new menu items, like slow-braised pot roast, Hashbrown Casserole shepherd's pie, and more.

They also plan to remodel their restaurants.  They are known for their old country feel, and that won't change.

However, customers can expect many of their locations to get new color schemes, updated lighting, and new seating.

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The CEO acknowledged that the restaurants haven't made many changes through the years.  That has left some to look and feel a bit outdated.

The chain also plans to open new, smaller restaurant versions in 2025.

Source:  Cracker Barrel CEO says it needs an overhaul: What to expect | wltx.com

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