These days, more than ever, we depend on our technology.

Whether it's our cell phone, WIFI, personal computer, or tablet, our daily life is tethered to technology.

When the technology fails, it can be frustrating, and even dangerous.

Earlier today, customers of ATT began to experience difficulty completing calls to contacts who use other carriers like Verizon.

Calls Between ATT Customers to Other Networks Impacted

According to a report on Fox Business, the outage only affects calls between ATT and other carriers.  It has not affected calls between ATT customers.

It was reported that ATT had sent an erroneous message to 911 call centers alerting of possible service issues, however, the company now says 911 service has not been affected.

Here We Go Again

If it seems like we reported this story before, this is the second nationwide outage the company has experienced since the beginning of the year.

An outage in February, lasted 10 hours.

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At the time, speculation was rampant about the company possibly being a target of a cyberattack.

The company denied that was the case, and blamed an internal network issue as the culprit.

Locally, people on various Facebook pages began posting questions about the service, with many expressing frustration with the difficulty of placing a call.

Source:  AT&T customers hit with nationwide service issue | Fox Business


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