If you were using Facebook this morning, chances are you received a message saying, your session has expired.

How can that be, you ask?

Then, when you tried to log back in, you couldn't.

That was my quandary this morning.  How many of us actually remember our Facebook password to begin anyway?

After trying to log on on several devices, I realized we were experiencing a Facebook outage.

According to a site that tracks things like this, downdetector, the outage seems to have hit sometime around 10 this morning.

The outage appears to also have impacted YouTube, Instagram, Threads, and Messenger.

This is just the latest outage to hit mass platforms in the US.  The most recent was an outage that hit a major pharmacy prescription processor and another that struck ATT.

At this time, Meta has not released a statement acknowledging the outage or the cause.

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