Just days after being thrown out of Congress, disgraced U.S. Representative George Santos (R-NY) is giving tips on where to get your groove on in Atlantic City on Cameo.

Ex-Congressman George Santos Names Favorite Places to Party in Atlantic City

Last week he was a U.S. Congressman and now he's selling personalized Cameo videos detailing his favorite bars in Atlantic City.

George Santos has found a new job. Santos -- who calls himself a "former congressional icon" -- on his Cameo bio, is selling personal videos for $200 each. In one of the videos, Santos tells a man going on a guys' weekend to Atlantic City where he should go to party.

What is Cameo?

Cameo is a website where down-on-their luck- pseudo-celebrities can earn money from fans who buy personalized celebrity videos.

Santos Removed From Congress for Spending Campaign Money at Casinos

One of the ironic things about George Santos giving party tips about Atlantic City hotspots is that he was expelled from Congress after being found to have used $2000 in campaign funds to bankroll trips to Atlantic City casinos last year to play roulette and to get botox treatments, according to CBS News.

Where Does George Santos Like to Party in Atlantic City?

According to his Cameo, It turns out George is a fan of the Quarter at the Tropicana, likes the scene at Boogie Nights, and enjoys finishing his night with a trip to Harrah's Pool After Dark.

“Dude, my advice, Tropicana casino has a heated pool with the hot tub. I don’t know if they still do, I haven’t been there in a while, but that’s a good recharge,” said Santos, 35. “Bars to go to that are must-haves: Boogie Nights in Tropicana. Totally go there, recharge, and get your boogie on; and get some nice disco music going on. And I would end up at Harrah’s Pool After Dark to have some fun.”


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