I've said it before and I'll say it again: here in South Jersey, residents have some of the biggest hearts you'll ever meet.

People LOVE to talk about how rude Jersey is, but I'd beg to differ. As a matter of fact, I can guarantee you that most people would value kindness over niceness. Being nice to someone is all about demeanor. Being kind to someone actually requires work. When you're kind to someone, that requires an action.

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That's exactly what one woman says she experienced at the Brigantine Farmer's Market this week. In case you didn't know, the island has a wonderful weekly farmer's market where you can get everything from fruits and veggies to trinkets for your home all brought to you by local residents. If you've never gone, definitely try to get out there at some point.

One woman shared her story on Facebook about how she was met with such kindness from all sorts of people after taking a spill at the farmer's market in Brigantine. It all went down on Sunday morning. She had so many people rush to her side after tripping over the sidewalk that she was overwhelmed with gratitude.

Everyone from a police officer to EMS, and even just a few random people who witnessed what happened all made sure that she was okay. She was so moved by the love and care expressed to her by strangers that she took to Brigantine's local Facebook page to say thanks.

If that's enough proof of the type of hearts South Jersey residents have, I really don't know what is. Check out the story for yourself on the Brigantine-based Facebook group HERE.

Source: Facebook

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