A man says he found bigfoot tracks in the snow in the western part of Pennsylvania.

The man, a retired law enforcement agent, claims to have found and photographed the tracks in Indiana County, Pennsylvania.

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The eyewitness account was reported on the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) website. His encounter with the tracks is reported to have taken place on December 20, 2022.

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His report says he was following deer tracks in the snow when he noticed some odd tracks among the deer tracks. He claims they were similar to human footprints, but "different." He claims the tracks were about four feet away from each other.

The unidentified witness says he believes the tracks in the fresh snow were several hours old, probably made overnight.

The man's complete report and his photos can be found on the BFRO website.

The BFRO site contains Bigfoot reports from all around the country. The latest Bigfoot report from New Jersey is from June 20, 2019, in Burlington County, near Chatsworth, New Jersey. A witness claims to have seen a three to three-and-a-half-foot juvenile Bigfoot. That witness told BFRO that what he witnessed was "like a cross between Curious George and the character Chaka from the Land of the Lost."

It's interesting to note that a town adjacent to Indiana County is Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania - home of the world-famous groundhog! (Perhaps Bigfoot was just paying his little buddy a visit!)


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