Don't worry, nothing is out to get you.

It sure sounds that way when you read the sign that's on display next to him, though. I'm referring to the new art installation that was recently set up in Burlington County now known as "Big Rusty." If this is the first that you're hearing of him, let me introduce you.

Big Rusty is a giant troll that was created by an artist from Denmark whose goal is to bring awareness to sustainability efforts. According to the New York Post, the giant structure that sits right off of Route 38 is actually made completely of recycled materials. Believe it or not, Big Rusty's not alone, either.

Artist Thomas Dambo erected Rusty first, but there are even more installations where he came from. Apparently, there will be pieces just like Rusty placed all over the Garden State and beyond. It's all part of Dambo's most recent sculpture series.

He said in a recent interview that his goal is to get people outside more. He wants to inspire people to get out of the house and into nature all while realizing all the different ways we could be recycling our trash. Somebody using art as a way to inspire people to do better for the planet? You can't complain about that!

If you ask me, "Big Rusty" looks like a pretty cool guy. I haven't yet viewed him in person, but I'm definitely adding this exhibit to my end-of-summer bucket list!

To find out more about "Big Rusty" and the artist who created him, click HERE.


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