Well, here's an interesting sight you don't see everyday.

Imagine lounging on the sand at your favorite beach and you gaze out into the surf to see a sea turtle right within your line of vision. Not only is this thing not too far away from you, but it seems to be trapped right at the shoreline. Sure, it's a pretty cool thing to witness, but no doubt, it would probably set off a little alarm in your head, right?

If the turtle's not moving, something has to be wrong, right?

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That's what happened to people sitting on one of the beaches in Wildwood Crest this week. A sea turtle was spotted stranded in the surf along a beach in the Wildwoods. Luckily, someone knew what to do about it.

First things first, if you ever come across a sea turtle, you shouldn't approach it. Whatever you do, don't touch it. That should be common sense, but common sense is rare these days, so it's worth mentioning.

If you know of any rescues in your area, that should be your second course of action. Dial that number and report the sighting. That's what these people did when they spotted the turtle on Monday. They did the responsible thing and reached out to the Marine Mammal Stranding Center in Brigantine for their expertise.

Now, we don't know whether there is a nest close by or what. What is obvious is this little dude (or dudette) was in distress if it couldn't make it out of the surf without help.

Unfortunately, we know now that the turtle didn't make it. He passed away on Tuesday morning after being rescued the day before. Still, it's good to know that there are people out there who know the proper steps to take when you see one of these guys in distress.

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