It's turtle season! They're crossing roads, dodging cars, and hooking up with other turtles.

When we're talking about those car-dodging turtles, we're usually not talking about large tortoises.

In this case, though, the story is about a tortoise. A tortoise named Fluffy!

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Tortoise gets lost

In a story posted in the Facebook group, South Jersey Lost and Found Pets, Shari Murray first shared the story of Fluffy's disappearance. She said her 50-pound Sulcata tortoise Fluffy had wandered off near Appel Farm in Elmer.

You'd think it would be hard to lose track of a big turtle, right?

Shari started with a reward of $50, and after a day doubled the reward to $100. Fliers were made and help was enlisted.

Meanwhile, someone spotted a runaway tortoise in Laurel Springs, New Jersey - about 25 miles away - but, alas, that was not Fluffy.

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Tortoise gets found

Good news came Sunday - not because of the reward, but because of Fluffy's favorite food - juicy watermelon!

Shari said she smashed a watermelon, and maybe he heard it or smelled it.

When a visitor called out Fluffy's name, she appeared from underneath a nearby shed, just hoping to get a treat!

When Fluffy saw Shari, she jumped up into her arms and hugged her for what seemed like forever.

(Um, that last sentence was made up to make the story even more special:))

In the end, Fluffy is found, and she appears to be happy and healthy.

The end.

SOURCE: South Jersey Lost and Found Pets

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